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Hi! I'm Buster Benson. I'm writing a book about arguing.ย Arguing is Hard is it's tentative title. It's going to have a lot of drawings of about the caliber you see above. Drawing is also hard. This site is has a lot of stuff related to the writing, researching, and behind-the-scenes stuff that will help me do this.

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This site is a companion site to my Patreon page. All of the content (other than this front page) is locked and accessible only to my patrons (which just costs $1/month). I do this because I want to foster a small inner circle that I can trust to share inner thoughts and big mistakes and all that fun stuff with.

Here's the deal:ย I'm writing a book about having more productive arguments, more fruitful disagreements, more constructive conversations, etc, and am sharing all of the ups and downs and inside-outs of writing book proposals, working with editors and agents, negotiating book deals, and the excruciating act of writing, re-writing, doubting, getting inspired, doubting again, writing again, giving up, picking myself back up, roller coaster of the creative life with a small group of people.

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